SomeWhere #smwhr

a weekly twitter travel word game
with the #smwhr tag

  • a weekly word game 
  • new prompt image of a GSV map location every Tuesday - see prompt list.
  • players are challenged to write responses in any style and tag them #smwhr.

All word lovers are warmly invited to travel the world each week with 
@mrphms via Google map GSVs and Google Earth map image prompts.

SomeWhere Game Notes:

  • GSV is a Google Street View with a unique address. Its short address ( ) is given to attribute the image via the map location. Some prompts may use an attributed Google Earth screen capture. Unlike a personal photo, visiting the map address lets you explore more of our planet. It is great fun!
  • My first encounter with this was tarting GSV screen captures for curated geo-area prompts and sharing them with fellow players and the public. SomeWhere starts with a specific location and view selected for the player.
  • Each Tuesday, a new prompt, a raw/modified #smwhr screen capture with map address attribution is tweeted. Players can use it as their muse or can tart the image to fit their words. Color in GSV images is not stunning so tarting adds to the fun.
  • Each prompt image carries the map address of the original capture. Player-tarted images should retain the attribution.
  • If you have a favorite destination, please tweet it's GSV address to @mrphms to be added to the suggested destination list. It is amazing where Google has mapped.
  • SomeWhere word game does not require a specific writing style unless stated in the prompt tweet. Players are free to choose any writing style for their response. Some possible style tags:  #poetry, #micropoetry, #haiku, #5seven5, #5lines, #vss #twitfic, etc.
  • Include the #smwhr tag so your tweet response can be searched and found.
  • Click on the prompt link/image to find the shorter Twitter-pic address. It is created when a tweet is posted and is not visible in the original tweet.
  • Longer tweets are possible but #smwhr was designed for individual, complete player tweets as with the other word games.
  • Long responses can be tweeted as a series of individual verses. To chain them - reply to your own tweet. They will link in a conversation. (don't need to include your @name in your reply)

  • No quotes unless you are quoting you, please.

Thank you for your interest. Hope you will take the next step and let your words and art find a following and applause. Word game players are sweet-tweets to have in your stream. Each player brings a differenct flavor in a congenial way.

Will be looking for your prompt responses to
SomeWhere Travel Tuesday prompts.
Don't be missed!
TAG with #smwhr



Sample Game Process

An example of the game process using #smwhr prompt #002

  • the weekly GSV map location was selected
  • the raw screen capture was made 
  • the capture was adapted for prompt by cropping and adding attribution that includes the unique GSV map address:  ( )

The original raw GSV screen capture

raw screen capture

  with caption

he adapted raw version for promo tweet. 
modified raw screen capture 


  raw image can be the 
  player's muse 

A player-tarted version was created
   tarted screen capture


 or player's artist- soul 
 may tart it

Player-tarted image as response background
tarted screen capture w verse

 tarted image  background

Thank you for your interest. Hope you will take the next step and let In this example, the tweet exceeded the 140 character limit due to the included pic.twitter link. To make your reader leave thwir stream to read your longer tweet is not a kindness. The example illustrates that.

If you have another hint or a correction, please tweet it to @mrphms to be added to this page.  Thank you.

Have fun!
The world is watching for your tweet response and so is


Page Link:  SomeWhere #smwhr
Twitter Link: @mrphms

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